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wire connector terminal Barrier Terminal Block (Pitch 9.5mm)

  • Model:WIRE-P486
  • Suitable Series:P4 P6 P8 P12
  • Suitable Battery: BATTERY CASE
  • Material: Plastic & Steel Nickel plated
  • Product description:wire terminal

Product Description
Barrier Terminal Block

Pitch: 9.5Material

Screws: 4M Steel Nickel plated

Teminal: Brass 0.8t, tin plated

Housing: PA66, UL94V-0

Product Specification / Models

Rated voltage: 300V

Rated current: 20A

Temp. Range: 40~+105

Insulation resistance: 500mΩ /1000V

Withstanding voltage: AC 1500V/1 Min

Wire range: 22-14AWG

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