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XJR Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company specialized in the R& D and manufacturing of Li-ion & Lifepo4 & LTO battery BMS & Chargers for Electric vehicle,tools and LED s. We have more than 10 years experience,and have a prominent customer service team to provide comprehensive after-sales service. Our products exported to many oversea markets. The main markets are European Asia ,Oceania and American continent.

2012  Start research and development of smart management system for lithium batteries.

2013  Research and development of APP fault diagnosis system for lithium batteries.

2014  Research and development of intelligent bicycle management system.

2015  Smart lithium management cloud platform is born.

2016  Electric vehicle BMS has been successfully developed and put into the market.

2017  Operation system and products are successfully invested in the market.

2018  Research the IOS system in the APP,GRPS Research and charger development ......




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